About Us

Draven Inc is a PMC. We specialize in Escort, Assault, and Support ops.

What we expect from our members

  • We expect all personnel to learn the Standard operating procedures (SOP's) of the org and follow them on ALL missions.
  • We expect you to follow orders without question (See special SOP for exeptions)
  • We expect you to respect everyone that respects you. No racism, Sexism, or Offensive behaviour. (Free speech apply.. But if someone takes offence. Stop talking or take it to another channel. We are a "Safe space" for everyone. Noone should feel bullied or insecure due to social reasons.)
  • We expect you to work for the Organization. Not for yourself. The more you give to the Org the more you will get back. One for all and all for one.
  • We expect you to follow the "Rules of engagement" for your mission and act as an example to other SC-Players.

  • What we promise you

  • We promise that you will get paid for your services
  • We promise to help you with personal missions if we are able.
  • We promise to stand by you and defend you.
  • We promise to try to keep you alive and not send you on suicidal missions.
  • We promise to be honest, straight forward and help you learn what you need to learn.
  • We promise to make sure that you are included and get the responsibility you want.

  • And last of all. I as the CEO/Commander promise that i will listen to your concerns and do everything in my power to make sure you feel welcome, safe and at peace in my Org. I will not play "favourites" and i will be fair and just in Payment, Disputes and in Punishment. Furthermore i promise that i will take you seriously no matter what and be open and willing to arrange deals for you should you need the orgs ships/resources for personal missions.

    //Tharos// Eric Draven, CEO, Commander in Chief.